Bread // Coffee // Goods

Pavilion exists as a café, a bakery and a goods store.

We bake great bread.
We make fresh food.
We are good to our staff.
We’re fair to our suppliers.
We love our community.

Wholesome, honest and conscious in our many pursuits, we offer heritage with a twist.

Our values and our products are attached to the roots of our Sri-Lankan story.

Blending our back-story into everything we do, we use the spices of Sri Lanka to enrich our locally-sourced ingredients with a flavour of our past adventures.

Pavilion is about sharing these adventures.


Our Story

Sri Lanka

Pavilion’s story begins in the hill country of Sri Lanka. In love with the culture, people and community he found there, Rob, Pavilion’s founder brought his adventure home with him.

Borough Market

Armed with organic tea loaned to him by the tea farmers he met out in Sri Lanka, Rob set up his very first stall on Borough Market.

Trading alongside the best food growers in the UK, he cut his teeth alongside the most inspiring people in the industry. The aim was to capture the essence of each season in organic tealeaves supplied from a single estate.

Pavilion Café

Then came Pavilion Café, a take-over at the heart of Victoria Park, serving up restaurant quality food at great prices. Sri Lankan breakfasts and hot dishes became the café’s signature – a mainstay of the original Pavilion.

Pavilion Shops

Bread, coffee and goods that nod to our Sri Lankan roots and love of all things local and organic come together in the Pavilion shops.

Setting up shop on East London’s famed market streets Broadway Market and then on Columbia Road, Pavilion brings the feel of the outdoor market inside.

Fresh, locally baked loaves hit the shelves warm, are sold on the day and never go to waste. With the bread go our pairings – from olive oil to salts, spices, teas and a pantry of pickles and preserves. Celebrating the seasons through these accompaniments and honouring the spice trail and the journey that led us here is what Pavilion’s about.